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Hire Wire

The latest in what's new in Hiring Tech & practical uses of Ai in Hiring. 

Your one-stop "Recruit-o-rama" technology showcase. 

Not another newsletter? No, this is a short, sharp and fun view on what's happening in Hiring Tech which you can digest on your commute.

We don't have a strict cadence, but at a minimum we will drop in a couple of times a month.​

What we are 
  • Industry advocates for a broken eco-system.

  • Supporters of a technology first approach to solve.

  • We promote "Humanising" the use of Ai across the hiring experience.

What we aren't 
  • A product promoter, we don't have any paid partnerships.

  • We won't shy away from competitors #abundanceculture.

  • Boring, we say how it is, like it or lump it.

If you want to feature or have something to share, reach out:

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