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Discover Upplft

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Elevate your hiring experience with Upplft, the all-in-one platform for businesses and candidates


The Upplft platform empowers you to design your hiring workflow, access a broad talent ecosystem, and integrate with the right tools across the hiring value chain. With Upplft, you can make informed decisions, remove biases, and unlock the potential of every candidate. 

Design your own hiring workflow

AI-powered for a better hiring experience

Surface Candidate Personalities, Values & Culture Alignment 

Lite Application Tracking System (ATS) 

Access to a broad Talent Ecosystem including sourced Talent Partners

Integration with the right tools across the Hiring Value Chain 

Elevating Traditional Models

Upplft enables you to design and build your own personalised hiring experience

Say goodbye to complicated and overwhelming applicant tracking systems (ATS). With Upplft, you gain access to a Lite ATS that removes feature overload and simplifies setup. Manage your hiring process efficiently and focus on finding the perfect match. 

We Empower Choice


Upplft simplifies a fragmented ecosystem, allowing you to access the toolkit you need to build a leading candidate experience. Through our Integration Marketplace and Pipeline Designer, we bring together market-leading capabilities in one place, all while owning the Hiring Pipeline. No more hidden costs or surprises—everything is transparent.

Bringing transparency and choice to the cost of hiring


Making hiring fair and inclusive

At Upplft, we go beyond traditional matching methods

We are committed to removing bias from the early stages of hiring, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates. Our platform considers not only skills and experience but also personality, culture, and values — the Upplft DNA. We believe in making diversity, equity, and inclusion more than just quotas, allowing you to make informed decisions based on capability and cultural fit. 

Looking at people differently

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With Upplft, we won't display any identifiable names, photos, ages, or gender until a candidate connects with you. This way, you can focus on the true potential of individuals and create a more inclusive hiring process. 

We believe in looking beyond identifiable traits


Building Strong Relationships

We value partnerships and collaboration

Upplft is building strong lasting relationships across the technology and service industries. We activate communities and businesses when they're ready to scale. With over 2500+ companies in our partner network, our reach continues to grow. 

Find out what Upplft can do for YOU

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